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Booking your companion

Fame Elites ranks among the most renowned escort agencies. We always handle your requests in a discreet and reliable way. Of course, we do NOT pass your personal data on to third parties. We take customer privacy very seriously. Once you've passed our screening to ensure you're the kind of man who needs escort services and meets the Fame Elites Escort Service standard we WILL go to great lengths to protect your anonymity.

We understand that the information we ask for is sensitive and may be somewhat uncomfortable for some of you and we do apologize for the intrusion, however it is an absolute necessity of this industry that you will encounter with the better providers that recognize the value of SAFETY and correctly targeting a specific audience to appeal to and not be too accessible. Our Companions understand the importance of reliability, integrity, discretion and having fun!

how to book a fame elites escort

Please Consider:

a) We believe that your satisfaction and discretion are our top priority and Fame Elites Escort Services in NY makes several promises not only to our Associates but Clients as well. Safety and security for all parties concerned is paramount which is why Fame Elites is an adult NY Female escort service which supports and fully endorses Pre-screening Verifications and is the only way we do business.

b) Provide us with complete and honest information the first time when contacting us or filling out booking form or you're wasting your time and ours. Please do not attempt to purposefully deceive us which includes "intentional typos" on your name, using nick names instead of your legal name, age or other info. We will deny you.

c) Our models prefer the support of the agency. If you are interested in booking a lady directly without the agency, please contact an independent escort. Fame Elites Escorts choose our agency in order to avoid private contact prior to and after the date - just as you do. Please be a gentleman and do not bother our ladies with persistent requests for their private number and/or email address. Our ladies report this again and again and it is annoying. If a lady prefers to arrange her own dates, she is free to quit our agency and advertise in the independent section. We formally declare that we cannot be held responsible for any kind of indiscretion which might arise from private contacts to an escort. 

d) Should an emergency happen we ask for a reasonable amount of time to cancel the appointment. Failure to cancel your appointment By PHONE within a reasonable amount of time will probably result in you not being permitted to use our service again.

send booking request via email

We look forward to answering friendly and respectful requests quickly and reliably, we generally respond within the same day, or if your mail comes in late, within the next day. If you do not receive our response within this time, it may be a technical problem and we kindly ask you to resend your mail.

You can contact us from Monday to Saturday from 10am to Midnight. Sundays from 1pm to 10pm

 646 972 4409

Requests via SMS will not be processed!

Office hours Monday through Saturday 11:00am to Midnight and Sundays 1:00pm - 10:00PM
For all further details please check out our Frequently asked questions