VIP Escort Model

Shahzada-vip-escort (1).jpg


Age: Late 20’s

Height: 5’6”

Measurements: 36-26-36

Weight: 126 lbs

Hair:: Strawberry Blonde Ombre

Eye: Brown

Dress Size: 4

Hobbies/interests: Traveling, art, wildlife

Character Traits: Passionate, headstrong, philosophical

Occupation: Actress, writer, producer


About Me

I'm Sometimes hidden inside beauty... is a beast. A passionate Persian girl from beautiful Hawaii, I possess a voracious appetite for life. My intrinsic love of nature and the wild infuses my world, from my inner sanctum to my life's mission. My creative expression morphs between princess and siren, beauty and beast. I believe there is no truth to the separation. My artistic aim is to heal the body by touching the heart. Whether in life or art, I want to nourish the real you.

My Strengths

I live to light people's fire. Inspiration and enthusiasm are lifelines for me. When it comes to ambition, I either win or die trying. I love to push the envelope. Passion for my goals isn't for riches or prominence, but to serve the greater purpose of reconnecting you to your emotions — in an age where technology has driven us so far away from ourselves. There is nothing I give myself more to than nurturing others. Love is paramount in values for me and dwarfs even ambition. Let me inspire you. I'm alive for it.


More About Shahzada

I am a lover of ancient and imperial history, and a devotee of the primal. I love being natural in my skin and sensuality. I possess a philosophy of life I find mirrored in the thought process of Nietzsche. I'm an art and film model, with as much love for Greco-Roman art as the bold and stark Pre-Raphaelite movement.

I light up an event or dinner with my cultured tastes, worldly experience and my rare Persian penchant for impeccable grace and decorum. Here's the fun thing about me: As deep and sensuous as I am, I'm also a playful island gal that leaps to bring on the sunshine!


Shahzada Preferences

Wardrobe style: Exotic

Fashion designer: Marchesa

Shoes by: Gucci

Lingerie: Agent Provocateur

Cuisine: Mediterranean, sashimi or steak

Drinks: Red wine

Perfume: Versace Yellow Diamond, Victoria's Secret Bombshell Wildflowe

Music: Film scores

Additional gift ideas: Gold chains, FUR (lynx in particular), ancient Greek artifacts