Which Preconditions Should You Fulfill?

In response to our client requests we are especially seeking slim to petite Blonde, Brunette, Redhead, European, Latina and Asian women 18 to 40 a size 0 to 6. We prefer women with NO Experience. 

Fame Elites Escort Service first priority is the Safety and Security of our Associates and clients. Therefore, we are a Full Verification Escort Service. It is only under these conditions which we will do business and there are NO exceptions. Fame Elites is a premium agency. Because we adhere to only the highest standards, we can only accept applications from candidates who can commit to the standards set forth by Fame Elites. This is a business which we will conduct only under very specific conditions


Fame Elites Escort Service prefers women who have never been in the escort industry. We are NOT an agency who represents or recruit Independents. 

If your photographs have been displayed with various escort agencies/escort directories, or you intend to apply with other agencies, we regret we cannot represent you. We are looking for candidates with only the highest standards who desire representation from an exclusive agency dedicated to protecting their identity and privacy at all times.

If you DO NOT live in our general areas of service, DON'T WASTE OUR TIME. We will NOT and do NOT pay for relocation.


We only work with people who WILL follow established procedures and policies and will NOT try to re-invent the wheel. 

1. Clean and Sober 

{If you have a Drug, Alcohol or Pill problem, apply somewhere else!} 

-----------------------WE DO RANDOM DRUG TESTING !! -----------------------

2. You must be 18 to 35 and Biologically female (This means two X Chromosomes). 

 Do NOT attempt to apply and misrepresent (lie) about your age, we verify the age of all applicants. 

3. Pants size 0 to 6 or (Dress Size 0 to 6) height in proportion to weight.

4. Mentally/physically in perfect health and free from any form of duress. Charming, well-mannered and articulate with an open and adventurous mind. 

5. Must be task and Goal oriented.

6. A self starter.

7. You must be team player.

8. Must be dependable and punctual. Have an accommodating and versatile personality and feel comfortable in a variety of social situations and in business circles.

9. From Minimal to NO tattoos. Experience shows that our clients are very reluctant to make a booking with an escort that has multiple or obtrusive tattoos, piercings or scars.

10. You must love, adore and enjoy men (women a major plus). Those with repressed hostility issues with males we will NOT be a good fit. Don't waste your time and ours. 

12. Individuals incapable of conducting themselves in a professional manner regardless of a clients ethnic background are advised to continue on their less than enlightened path elsewhere. 

If you feel you meet these requirements, apply to join by filling out the application below. Please be sure to select the correct application that matches you level of experience. We know the business. You're in good hands...
I promise.