Fame Elites Escort FAQ

Fame Elites is a respected VIP Escort service for High Class Professional Female Escort Companions. Reputable gentlemen, women and business people appreciate the professional and discrete handling of their requests and we are consistently recommended by satisfied clients.

Our continued success is based on integrity, discretion and reliability. We are committed to our clients interests and needs and our escorts are also considered as our clients. We aim to successfully arrange dates between two people in the most uncomplicated and fastest way possible.


why work with fame elites

Can I get in touch with the agency at any time? 

Once you're a part of the Fame Elites team we are always there for you. During your dates you always have the possibility to reach us by telephone at any time. You are a member of our team and you are never on your own!

What type of clientele Fame Elites do business with? 

We only do business with professionals, reputable business people and respectable gentlemen of means and character.

What about safety? 

Each client is completely pre-screened for validity and integrity. You can reach us at any time during your dates. The Fame Elites team is always there for you.

Can I leave the agency at any time? 

You decide how long you would like to work with us. However, it goes without saying that we are interested in a long-term co-operation and that we would like to distance ourselves from ladies who want to make fast money!

the application process

Which ladies do Fame Elites consider working with? 

We are looking for delightful, appealing, natural, open-minded and attractive young ladies with style and class 18 to 35 years old. The average adult job seeker's mentality usually cannot meet our exceptionally high standards because we aren't looking for the kind of girls that you typically find associated to adult services. We really are sincere about normal, clean and sober, slender, girl next door types to work with. You can read more about our requirements HERE

Why is it so important to meet in person for an interview? 

Reputable escort agencies always place value on meeting you in person. For us you are no "object" or a "means to an end" but a member of our team in an industry where trust is important. The best way of laying a sound foundation for trust is a personal interview. Only in this way we can guarantee a long-term lucrative co-operation. We have to get acquainted to your needs and taboos in order to be able to support you in an optimal way. This can't be discussed seriously over the phone. A respectful co-operation requires personal contact. 

Where does the interview take place? 

Since Fame Elites is based in New York City, the interview takes place in Manhattan or Brooklyn on neutral territory. There we take our time to familiarize you with our agency and go into all important details. Your questions are discussed and answered unhurriedly and without any pressure of time.

Can I use my own photos? 

To preserve the exclusiveness and the high demands of our sophisticated clientele we require professional photographs. We work with an experienced photographer and photo shoots are done in our presence in a relaxed atmosphere.



working with fame elites

How many bookings can I expect per month? 

This is all depends on your flexibility. We only allow you to be a part of our team if we feel confident that there will be a demand for you regularly. You decide, based on your availability the number of appointments. Your potential earnings are great. 

Click here to view our rates. 

Is there flexible scheduling? 

Make your own schedule. No late night hours. No weekends required. You won't find this flexibility in any other business. The position is suitable for ladies who are employed full-time, for students, or whoever is looking for a new lucrative challenge. You can decide when, how often and where you accept your dates. 

Can I work discretely? 

We provide discretion not only to our clients but to you as well. We can assure you you will always remain anonymous.