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DO you prefer to do business with someone who's value system is clear and honorable? Do you have Higher standards but don't know where to find those "Agency Companions" more in line with your social class instead of slumming it? Can you relate to the quote: "Do or do not... there is no try ?" Does the concept of "PROFESSIONALISM" and "DISCRETION" matter to you? Do you believe successful individuals "DO things" unsuccessful people are not willing to? If you've answered "yes" to all of these then you may be a Fame Elites Client.

If you're an educated gentlemen or lady with high life, personal and business standards along with being new to seeking Escort companionship, then you need to RESONATE, SEE, EXPERIENCE Fame Elites NY Escort Service. Why go down a bad road if you don't have to? Why start out your adventure with questionable and TOO accessible individuals who most likely will NOT deliver the return on investment (ROI) we both know you desire. Let one of our Elite Escort Companions take care of your companionship needs without messy inefficient relationship entanglements and mental distractions your successful career or business doesn't need. It just makes good life and business sense doesn't it?

We offer luxurious, well educated, talented models who attend (or attended) college and work at least part-time in demanding fields. High profile areas such as fashion, modeling or business. They are very comfortable moving in upper class circles and will make you feel like you have secured a picture perfect companion. Take a look in our escorts gallery and you will find the profile of your perfect ideal companion…let your imagination take flight!


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Our elite VIP escort models provide a relaxed and unhurried escort service, they will be completely attentive to you and your needs.